A procedure to shave down a protruding forehead and make it flatter?

I really wanted to get this preseazure for over 5 years but I'm not sure if it is safe or possible. I have a similar forehead to Rihanna where it comes out past my face and Is kinda bumpy and bony. It is extremely noticeable and makes my face imbalanced. There are a few reasons why I think it has become like this: 1. I am East African and many have quite larger foreheads 2. I had an accident as an infant which was not treated properly and caused a bony lump. What can I do to make it flatter?!?!

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Wants forehead shaved down

You need to see a plastic surgeon who does this type of work. This is not a common surgery so you need a highly skilled surgeon with experience in it

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It iis difficult to give a good answer without the photographs. Resubmit this question with photographs taken from various angles that show the features of your forehead and hairline that bother you.

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