6 months after bilateral blepharoplasty, eyes still swollen? (photos)

I had asian blehpharoplasty 6 months ago. I asked for 2-3 mm lid show however 6 months post surgery it does not look like the eyelid height will shrink any fruther. This is not what I was hoping for and dont think they look natural. I originally had 5mm lid height and now its about 8mm on left and 8.5mm on right. I specfically asked for 7mm but the surgeon suggested that 8mm was the right eyelid height in for my height. Is there still hope for my eye lid to look normal?

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You have a bilateral upper eyelid white line disinsertion-a type of upper eyelid ptosis.

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What is significant about this ptosis is that it is caused by upper eyelid surgery and it does not respond to the conjunctival mullerectomy- a popular type of ptosis surgery.  It is possible to lower the upper eyelid creases in these circumstances.  Also you need the tissue on the eyelid platform controlled.  This is done with a procedure that is called anchor blepharoplasty.  So it is possible using these methods to lower the upper eyelid crease and restore the upper eyelid fold fullness to show less platform and get you to the aesthetic goal you sought with the original surgery.  This can be fixed.

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Upper eye bleph

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It does not look like you have any swelling.  Your eyelids appear equal.  If you really wanted an asian blepharoplasty the lid crease should be much lower - more like 3-5mm and not 7.  I would leave things as they are at this point. 

Eyelid ptosis after blepharoplasty remains

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It is unlikely for swelling to be present 6 months after surgery. It appears you have upper eyelid ptosis, left side worse. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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