4 weeks post op. What gentle exercise could I do & how to ease tender tummy & swelling? Back to work standing 7 hours a day.

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4 weeks post op. What gentle exercise could I do & how to ease tender tummy & swelling?

You don't really have to exercise to get rid of the tenderness just a few weeks after the surgery. At this time your body is still healing and would need a few more weeks to be fully healed. As for the swelling it will gradually subdue in time. 

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Compression garment can help with swelling

Speak with your surgeon as each of us has our own post op protocol, but wearing a compression garment may help with your swelling now that you are back at work. In terms of exercise, I would stick with regular walking, not speed walking, until you have the go-ahead from your surgeon.


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4 weeks out from tummy tuck activity


4 weeks is still early so exercising should still be limited in most patients. Follow your surgeon's instructions on this. Generally, patients report that wearing a compression garment over their tummy can ease the swelling and discomfort. 

All the best in your recovery,

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Tenderness and swelling after surgery

Patients are at different degrees of healing at four weeks. Your best bet would be to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. You will probably be able to get a better idea of what to expect and when. Sometimes a light compression garment will make patients feel better at this point. Discuss this with your surgeon.

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What exercises to do to help with swelling and tenderness

I refer my patients to a certified lymphatic massage therapist if they are having issues with swelling or want to improved the swelling more quickly.  The therapist performs massage and improves the swelling significantly. She or he will also educate you on home exercises and things to do to try to keep the swelling from returning.  Ask your surgeon if she/he can refer you to someone.  Best wishes!

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4 weeks post op. What gentle exercise could I do & how to ease tender tummy & swelling? Back to work standing 7 hours a day.

Thank you for your question.  As you can imagine, patients will also respond differently to surgery;  recovery experiences and time may vary significantly from one patient to another.    Patient personality features ( "glass half full") makes a difference. Generally, these operations are associated with very significant physical (and often) emotional recovery time,  often underestimated by patients and their plastic surgeons.

Ultimately, your plastic surgeon, knowing exactly what was performed, how you are progressing, and what activities you wish to return to will be your best resource.  Generally speaking, I recommend patients plan on 2 to 4 weeks of recovery time, understanding that even at that point, they will only have approximately 70 to 80% of their energy level back.  Upon returning to activity, I suggest that patients "go slow" and ease back into their  activities of daily living, listening to their bodies carefully.

 Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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