4 weeks post Tummy Tuck, is my belly button normal? (photos)

I have attached a photo comparing week by week progress of my belly button post tummy tuck. The first photo (top left) is 3 days post surgery and the last photo (bottom right) is 4 weeks post op. I am currently using Inadine dressing on the belly button. I know that I have delayed healing but I wanted to know if you think that the scar will look normal after healing. There is a yellowish discharge on the dressing when I change them (on a daily basis) but nothing is oozing out. Thanks, Candice

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Tummy tuck

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It looks like you have some necrosis of the skin around the umbilicus and this is healing by secondary intention. This will take time and you need to keep in touch with your PS. The umbilicus is a congenital scar and this will heal and then contract and scar to give you a final result that won't be apparent for 6-12 months after surgery. It is always possible to revise the umbilicus once everything has settled but the crucial thing currently is that you keep in touch with your PS and make sure this is progressing appropriately.

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