3 weeks post op BBL; I want my eyebrows tattooed but it involved laying down?

If im 3 weeks post op from my bbl and I haven't sat does once but want to my eyebrows tattooed but this involves laying down for a hour with pillows underneath me will this affect my fat thats been transferred atall ? Is there any technique I can use to lay back without affecting not applying pressure to my bum? I have a bbl cussion

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3 weeks post op BBL; i want to lie down for 1 hours for eyebrow tattoo = BBL will go to the bucket #bbl

in a BBL, pressure for more than 15 min in the area where fat was transferred for a BBL will make the transferred fat to die, and reabsorbs. This will jeopardize the result of the procedure.
In my practice, patents after a BBL can NOT lie down for at least 6 to 8 weeks post procedure, period. BBL is a costly surgery, so jeopardizing the healing process is not appropriate.  

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