3 months post op today and want to know if my recovery is typical?

I have lumps on both breasts at the end of the incision lines and they often catch on clothing, limiting what type of bra I can wear. I also still have a Seroma (see photo) is this normal after 3 months ? I would like to know when I can start wearing underwire bras again . I feel a bit nervous about irritating the scars particularly with the Seroma and lumps.

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Thank you for posting

If your seroma is big and uncomfortable, have you been back to your surgeon so they could see and potentially aspirate it?

Scars are always getting worse at 3-6 months post op, so the scars you see now are not your end scars, they will be different. Please massage and treat with silicone or taping to get the best result.

You can wear an underwired bra, in fact it'll help on your scar with pressure

Good luck!

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