I'm 28, 5ft 10, weigh 74kgs; I have bulging veins from my knee up my thigh, should I see a doctor? (Photo)

Should i see a doctor for my veins, they are green and stick out. Is it varicose veins?

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Bulging Veins

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When patients come to our office with bulging veins, we first try to determine whether they are merely a cosmetic nuisance or if there is a deeper underlying medical concern. If you are suffering from symptoms of vein disease such as swelling, skin discoloration, skin ulcers, cramping, aching and heaviness in the legs, then we typically would do an ultrasound to determine if there is any vein disease. 

After the diagnostic ultrasound is completed, you could then accurately discuss treatment options (lasers, sclerotherapy, venefit, etc). These options could vary depending on the presence/severity of vein disease. 

Vein of Giacomini

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This is the thigh extension of the small saphenous vein, also known as the Vein of Giacomini. It should be treated with endovenous ablation and/or microphlebectomy.

See a certified vein specialist.


Hratch L Karamanoukian MD FACS

Certified Vein Specialist (ABVLM)

See your vascular surgeon!

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Bulging, ropy veins can be blue or green.  You should be seen by a vascular surgeon for a complete diagnosis for varicose veins.

Donna M. Mendes, MD, FACS
New York Vascular Surgeon

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Varicose veins

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Your posted picture shows varicose veins and these are due to refluxing (malfunctioning) valves of the saphenous system of veins.  These are easily treated by an in office procedure.  See a vein specialist.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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