I'm a 24 year old female & hollowness under my eyes has always bothered me. A bleph I am told wouldn't be successful? (photo)

I was advised to seek advice from a Opthalmic surgeon. I'm trying to do my research as I am in no way willing to have fillers near my eyes, I only want a procedure that will just be permanent and age naturally. Could anybody tell me if an arcus marginalis release would be a suitable, successful treatment for hollow tear troughs? Also, what is fat grafting/repositioning? If there are any recommendations for surgeons in the UK, that would be very much appreciated also. Many thanks

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Nasojugal troughs in a 24 y/o

Since you've decided against dermal fillers (though it would provide a great idea of what fat grafting could do), your only choices are implants (which I prefer not to use) or fat grafting and the techniques of fat grafting have been refined to produce minimal complications. Realize the fat graft, assuming they take, will respond to caloric retention as how they were programed to. So if the fat is from your belly, it will get larger if gain weight. So be selective in where you take your fat from.

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Tear trough hollowing in 24 yr old

Arcus marginalis release in your age would not be beneficial. You need filler or fat grafting, but the latter is surgery and can lead to bruising and lumpiness as a complication. Make sure your surgeons uses a fine needle to insert the fat. However it could be permanent and you may want it removed later on in life.Fillers such as Vobella which we have in Canada would be ideal. It will last a good year before it needs a repeat injection

David A. F. Ellis, MD
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I'm a 24 year old female & hollowness under my eyes has always bothered me. A bleph I am told wouldn't be successful? (photo)

Try HA fillers FIRST! Like Belotero Balance 1 syringe should be enough to help improve the appearance.//

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Under eye hollowness

In my opinion fillers are your best option. If you have something "permanent" like fat grafting and are not happy with the results, the procedure can be very difficult to correct. Under eye filler usually lasts a year or more. Your case is definitely on the difficult side and you would need filler in both the lower eyelids and upper cheeks.

Mitesh Kapadia, MD, PhD
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