22yr old male with general wear on teeth wanting veneers

I have general wear and staining on my teeth.. cracks on front teeth but not split. I don't mind where I travel to in the world as quality is the deciding factor. I've heard too many horror stories! Where and who is the best person to do my veneers?

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you can have a great result, with veneers, but due to your condition, i really recommend you should do crowns, instead, you want something strong, and resistant, you will have a great smile again, shape, size and even color, that beautiful smile you always wanted, 

Dental Veneers on Holiday

Hi Thomas and congratulations on taking the steps towards a new smile that you can be proud to show off.

If destination isn’t an issue, why not consider a dental holiday. Dental holidays are becoming more popular with dental spas offering concierge services. Some dental practices can help organization your airfare and accommodations and help you plan your trip around your new smile.

Choose somewhere that you have never been to before, or have always wanted to go back to, and do some research on the cosmetic dentists in the area.  You’ll want to work with someone who has the experience and the expertise to place your new dental veneers.

As you say, there are hundreds of horror stories, with pictures that back them up, that would make anyone reluctant to dive right in. Read reviews and look at before and after pictures. The more research you do, the better equipped you will be when it comes to choosing the best cosmetic dentist for your needs.

When you find a cosmetic dentist, make sure that you can see what your smile will look like before your veneers are placed. A good cosmetic dentist can show you pictures and mockups that will help you make the right decision. Too many people have ended up with teeth that look like Chiclets chewing gum because they went ahead with the procedure without seeing the probable results beforehand.

Good luck in your search, and if you decide on Southern California for your dental holiday, there are some excellent choices in Orange County, just be sure you have done your research before you book your flight. Good luck!

Michael Fulbright, DDS
Redondo Beach Dentist

Best DDS for veneers

Of course I am the best person to do your veneers!     :-)

Seriously you need to do your research and meet with 2 or 3 cosmetic dentists that you feel are best.  Look at their work, talk to them face to face and then go with your gut feeling.   The problem may be if you travel far (out of state or country) to have this work done, who will take care of your maintenance and any problem that may arise in the future.  Once the veneers are done and you are happy, that is not the end of the story.  You are young enough that the veneers will most likely need to be redone at least 2 to 3 times in your lifetime.  I feel it would be best to find a local dentist if he/she measures up to the top people you find in your research.

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

Steven Goldy, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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Hi Tomas,

It is important to do your research and find a dentist that is very experienced in cosmetic work prior to doing any treatment.  You should also have a consultation and get all of your options and an entire treatment plan.  It's important to know how many teeth you are looking to have veneers on, and what your dentist also recommends for you esthetically.  Some people have broader smiles than others, and may need more veneers than others to complete the look.  Make sure you look at before and after photos and you like what you see.  If you can, try talking to some existing patients of the doctor, and see how their experience was.  Any procedure being done is usually irreversible, and you should do your research and know all of your options.  You are making in investment in yourself and you don't want to cut any corners.  A lot of cases I do are redo's of veneers of other people's work.  Retreating the teeth poses more risk to the teeth, and is more expensive.  Hope that helps!

Desiree Yazdan, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist
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