22 with Worry Lines on Forehead, Wanting an Overall Tighter More Refreshed Youthful Look? (Photos)

1) Worry lines on forehead -natural position of brows is raised slightly which deepens lines, have to consciously lower brow but lines never go away. Browlift or just botox/fillers? 2) Lower face sagging - I've always had a chubby face despite being slim, although it's improved since maturing its saggy/not tight or defined on the jawline. Considering a mini facelift?? 3) Heavy eyelids - when I lift it gently with my finger it vastly improves my appearance Or could I get a combination treatment?

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Jaw line and worry lines

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At your young age, I would avoid a face lift.  There are less invasive ways to get the look you want that will allow your face to age naturally.  Botox (or equivalent medications) will definitely help with your worry lines, and can also lift your brows a bit and help with the appearance of the eyelids.  For your jaw line, I would recommend laser assisted liposuction to define the jaw and tighten the skin.  Be conservative.  The things you do now will impact how you look in your 30's, 40's and beyond.

Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

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