2 weeks post op, concerns with difference shape and size of breasts!! Any suggestions? (photos)

I have recently posted a question about my concerns regarding shape and size of my breasts following BA 2 weeks ago however I have had no response. I am asking again in the hope someone can answer my question and give me some advice/reassurance. I have attached a photo. My right breast is bigger, fuller on top and pointing off to the side. I have spoke to my clinic but they haven't advised anything.

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Normal healing process

At 2 weeks, it is still early in the healing process after breast augmentation and some asymmetry is to be expected. As the implants soften, settle and drop the breast shape will change. It can take 4-6 months to see your final results. Be sure to keep any scheduled follow up appointments you have with your surgeon for his or her evaluation and advice. Good luck 
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Healing process

You are very early in the healing process and this is not your final look.  You still have swelling which will take several weeks to resolve.  Over this time the breasts will soften as well.  Think of your breasts as sisters, not twins.  They will each heal at their own rate.  Remember also that no two breasts were identical before surgery, so it is nearly impossible to have them appear identical afterward either.

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This early after surgery, it is not uncommon for your breasts to be somewhat uneven. You have two different breasts, and they do not heal at the same rate. I would suggest letting your surgeon check you to make sure you are healing properly.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Concerns with breast shape

Hello and thank you for your question.
Being two weeks post-operation, I would say you are healing very well. Your right breast seems to be more swollen than the left, but that is only a natural part of the healing process. All of the muscles and tissues will inflame, hurt, and heal asymmetrically to each other throughout the recovery process. It is not unusual for the dominant hand side of the body to be more swollen due to extra usage and straining. It is good you are diligent about following up with your clinic. They will provide you the best resources when it comes to healing and mending any issues that may arise. Asymmetry and firmness of the breast can sometimes be more of an issue than just swelling, though your plastic surgeon should be able to spot if a capsular contracture or hematoma has occurred during your follow up consultation. 
Best wishes

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Different size breasts and shape after augmentation

Just a few weeks after breast augmentation it is very common, if not the norm to have some differences from one breast vs. the other.   As to why it can be as simple as postsurgical swelling; however, the picture shown is obstructed, and information of the procedure is incomplete to give a decisive reason. 

Peter J. Capizzi, MD
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Your breasts are sisters not twins

Breast appearance after an augmentation changes considerably over the first several months.  Often times concerns patients have after a breast augmentation resolve themselves.  A few of the most common concerns that tend to fix themselves are the following:1. The implants regularly drop at different rates, so one side may appear higher than the other for the first few months.2. The swelling and puffiness of the nipple/areolar complexes tend to soften and look more natural over time.3.  The skin and muscle relax allowing the implants to appear more natural and not so "bubble-like."That being said, if you have asymmetries of the areolas in size or position that was apparent before surgery, this may look more dramatic after surgery and may stay that way.  Without a breast lift an augmentation doesn't address nipple/areolar size or position.  But don't be too concerned your asymmetry looks to be very normal and natural and won't be apparent to most people looking at your breasts.

Brandon Q. Reynolds, MD
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Need time and a follow up appointment with your surgeon.

In order to tell how your concerns over asymmetry will settle out, it will take at least six weeks but probably three to six months.  The most important resource will be assessment of your before surgery photographs and I would recommend sitting down with your surgeon and reviewing a copy of those compared to your four to six week result in order review the differences of concern and begin to develop a treatment plan to address them.  I know that it is difficult to be patient but good communication with your surgeon and time will address your concerns in the best way.  Please keep us updated on your progress.

Tom Tracey Gallaher, MD
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Implant issues

Remember no two breasts are the same and yours look pretty good at two weeks. Any asymmetries will be accentuated by your implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Drop & Fluff

Your breasts would have been slightly different pre op. It appears that you would have had nipples naturally at different heights and may have had differences in your folds. pre op photos for comparison would be helpful. As such, breast implants will often settle at different rates and while swollen the differences in your breasts can appear amplified. I recommend that you wait at least a few more months to see the breasts soften and settle, then evaluate your results.
All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Concerns with breasts after enlargement

Many thanks for posting your question.From what I can see in the photographs, your breasts look like they are settling down well early after your surgery. Not being able to see what your breasts looked like before surgery makes it hard to comment on the asymmetries that concern you.No-one has two identical and symmetrical breasts, so the asymmetries that you have pointed out are likely to be pre-existing, and perhaps brought to your attention after your surgery.The hardest thing is to wait and give things time to soften and allow the swelling to go, but this is exactly what you need to do.I hope this gives you some reassurance - good luck

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