I'm 17 days post op explant and a lollipop lift and I'm concerned about the amount of puckering on vertical scar. (photo)

Will this go over time? Do I need to do anything to help it?

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Typical of this technique

This is characteristic of the type of surgery that you had and the reason I do not use this technique.  It may get better.

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Puckering after explant with vertical lift

This the most common complaint after a vertical/lollipop lift. It is part of the deal when you sign up for a vertical vs. an anchor style scar, it will settle down over time, but it does take some time. When it does, you will be happy you elected for a vertical instead of the scarring associated with anchor style lifts.

17 days after explant and lollipop lift and I'm concerned about puckering on vertical scar.

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph and congratulations on your implant removal surgery.  A lollipop breast lift often leaves some degree of puckering along the vertical incision running downward from your areola which smoothes with time.  I know waiting is difficult but allow your results more time to mature as you will see steady improvement in appearance.  

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Breast implant removal; concerned about the amount of puckering on vertical scar.

Although your concerns are understandable, I think that you will likely be very pleasantly surprised as time goes on. Areas of "puckering" and irregularities tend to smoothen out over the course of several months.  See if your plastic surgeon has recommendations regarding massage of the scar. Best wishes.

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