Will I have stitches or be glued at entry sites on abdomen?

Having gastric sleeve and was wondering if I will have stitches or glued at the entry holes. Also can you explain the use of a catheter, in detail please.

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Surgeon-specific minor questions. Whom to ask?

Incisions can be closed with glue, sutures, or staples. There are absorbable sutures that are hidden, and sutures that have to have removed. Each can be effective and every surgeon has his own preference. Likewise use of a urinary catheter is an option, especially if the operation will take a long time. I don't ever use them but your surgeon might. 

Why aren't you asking your surgeon?

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Incisions glued or stitched?

Placing stitches or gluing the incision is a personal decision of your surgeon. Of course you can always talk to your doctor about this but either way the incisions are small and the recovery is fast.

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