10 Years of 1000cc Implants Without Problems. After 1 Litre Seroma Looking to Change to Allergan? (photo)

I have had 1000cc rounded implants for 10 years with no problems, but just recently developed a spontaneous seroma (yellow in colour) with a low grade infection. Just had it drained. More returning as expected and thinking of changing my implants. There was no capsule damage or infection. I would like the new Allergan shaped implants (highly cohesive) for a more natural look with fullness BUT without breasts being too low. Less roundness at the sides and top ideal. Ski slope style I once had: )

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Seroma In Existing Breast Implant

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I think that the first question to ask and get an answer for is why you got a seroma.  That is far more important than the follow up implant.  I would call your plastic surgeon today and explain the problem.  The seroma fluid should be sent for cytology.  

In answer to the question you asked, the highly cohesive implants can give a more natural shape, but the height (and therefore droop or ptosis) depends on a number of factors.  You may need a breast lift also.  Only a consultation with your plastic surgeon can determine if a lift is necessary.

But please look into the cause of the seroma first.  Best of luck to you.

Lawrenceville Plastic Surgeon

Implants should probably be removed for several months after infection before replacement.

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If you indeed have a breast infection I would like to let you live without implants for several months allowing the tissues to heal for replacement.

1 Litre Seroma

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A rare but serious cause of late seroma is the development of a tumor known as ALCL, anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Awful sounding name, but it is almost 100% cured by removing the capsule. That should always be a consideration in the background when dealing with a late seroma.

As to choice of profile, in the US there are 4 variants, but in Europe there are 16. Therefore the possibilities cannot be navigated in this forum, but rather in the surgeon's office. Available sizes in the US are also different--a smaller implant would have to be used here.

Changing areolar position may require some variant of a mastopexy.

All the best.  

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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