How Do You Know How Much Unit We Used?

we get charge per unit. how do you know how many unit was actually uses. and how do you know if the botox is real botox?

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How Much Botox is Used

If you are going to a reputable injector and have been satisfied with your results, then you are most likely receiving the correct number of Botox units.  Always ask and get a copy of your receipt especially if you are going to change injectors.  Do not go to places that advertise free units or prices that seem too good to be true.  Remember there is no such thing as a "free lunch."

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How to choose someone for your Botox injection.

In many states, there are almost no regulations regarding who is qualified to inject Botox.  This has led to an increase in the number of shady injectors that over-dilute or substitute product.  It is almost impossible to detect.  Why would you trust your face to anyone but an expert?  A recent study showed about a 30% higher satisfaction rate when Botox injections are done by a core aesthetic physician.   There are three physician specialties that provide extensive training in ALL aspects of Botox injections:  Facial Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and General Plastic Surgery.  If your face is worth the best, then choose the best.  

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The number of units of botox used are recorded each visit

Most doctors enter the number of units of botox used during your treatment in your chart. Ask your physician how many units of botox were used. They should be able to tell you per site, how much was delivered.

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How many units of Botox was used

Reputable practices will only order Botox from the only approved source, Allergan. Many charge by units and then you should be told how many was use. Others use the accepted average unit per site, 20, and charge accordingly.

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How many units of Botox used

If you go to a reputable and trustworthy highly trained professional such as a dermatologist, you can simply ask the physician and they would almost certainly be happy to share how many units you were treated with. Unfortunately there are many "clinics", spas & salons that advertise crazy "discounts," but you end up with less than optimal results and often more chance of side effects. These clinics also rarely have a true expert injecting you such as a dermatologist. 

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How many units? Is it the "real thing?"

If you are asking the question, then perhaps you need to go to another injector--one whom you can trust is using "real" Botox and diluting it properly. Different injectors may use different dilutions (2.5 units per 0.1cc, vs. 5 or even 10 units per 0.1cc), and you should gauge effectiveness per dollars spent. Usually about 18-25 units are utilized for glabellar frown lines (I start at 21 units and go up or down next time after assessing effectiveness), and the cost per unit should be disclosed prior to undergoing the treatment.

The key is a reputable injector (Plastic surgeon, Dermatologist, or Facial plastic surgeon, or an experienced RN injector in one of these specialists' clinics) that you can trust. If they do sufficient volume of Botox treatments, you have the additional benefit of always having freshly-reconstituted Botox. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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How Much Botox is Used

The only way you know how much real Botox is used is to go to a reputable, honest physician.

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Botox units and integrity

As a patient you will have no idea how many units are used unless the doctor tells you, and is honest.  Your best bet is to go to a board certified physician who has training in this area like a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, and find a doctor with a great reputation.  Ask them how many units.  I also have heard of practitioners using Dysport and telling people its Botox.  Doctors also sometimes buy it from other countries to save money and then you have no idea what you are getting.  If you are not comfortable with your physician, switch doctors, and always ask questions so that you know what is going on.  Good luck. 

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Always ask how many units of Botox you got in each area!

How many units of Botox a doctor injects depends on the how diluted and how much of that dilution is injected.  Most people will need between 10-20 units to have noticeable results in each area.  The only way to be sure they are injecting Botox is to look at the vial which has a holographic logo with a lot number.  If you get very different results with different doctors who say they are giving you the same dose, that would be suspicious. I keep a detailed map of every single injection and how many units of Botox or how much filler was injected into each area of the patient's face.  This is the best way to keep track of what looks best for each patient and how to adjust it based on their goals.  You should find out how many units you get in each area (such as glabella, forehead, crows-feet, etc.)  You can compare the results if you go to different doctors.  Ultimately, it comes to your sense of the integrity and the honesty of the doctor.

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Botox units and integrity

The short answer is you don't know.  The injector could use a diluted amount or inject less than you are being told.  The best advice is to find someone who is reputable, has done hundreds or thousands of injections with good results, and who is properly trained.  Conversing with the injector about dilution and units while it is being drawn up is a good time to discuss the topic. If they are uncomfortable telling you what they are doing, move on.

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