How Much is a Unit of Botox Going for in Melbourne Florida (Brevard County)?

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Botox Price

Botox prices vary based on region and injector. Like anything else, the price does not necessarily reflect the quality of treatment. Many doctors price based on number of units. Real Self calls the average price $425. Prices can range from $10-17 per unit. Be certain that you are going to an experienced injector. It's better value to get a better result.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of Botox

Per RealSelf the national average for a full treatment of Botox is $425. It depends though on your city, and more importantly, your injector. There's not going to be a set price anywhere by city, so you'll need to call around for prices near you. But the national average for unit pricing is between $8 (extremely low end) up to about $15 (high end, in big cities). Rather than shopping on price, shop for the best injector!

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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