Is this normal after using Picoway for a dime size sunspot on my face? I could not find any examples online (Photos)

Im of Asian decent with semi olive skin tone. Had my sunspot for 3+ years. Recently I went in to get the sunspot removed with a Picoway laser and thought it would be great. However, after the treatment, the spot started being bloody blotchy. They told me it wouldnt look like that before the treatment. Instructed me to apply their petroleum gel, wash face the next day and apply a skin brightening solution on the third day. Please let me know if this is normal reaction or did they Burn my skin?

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Pico way sun spots

I tis normal to have a reaction like scaling or blistering after the spot removal.  This seems a little more than we usually see with the picoway.  I would recommend returning to your doctor and keeping the area moist with vaseline or aquaphor.  

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Picoway for sun spots


There is some crusting and scaling that's expected post a 532nm treatment for sun spots. But since the reaction here seems a little excessive,  I would suggest that you return to your doctor,  topical steroid creams may be needed at this point. 

Good luck .  

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