Unilateral LASEK - Why Did Operation on Second Eye Affect First Eye?

I had LASEK on my first eye abut 3 months ago, and then again on my second eye about a week ago. Since the operation on my second eye, my first eye has become uncomfortable - a dry feeling when I'm tired. I have been reassured by my surgeon that the first eye appears fine. What possible reasons would cause surgery on the second eye to stress the first eye in this way?

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Dry eye syndrome can be treated successfully.

Dryness and neuroadaptation is most likely the reason for this affect.  Dry eye syndrome can be treated successfully.

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Unilateral LASIK and Discomfort in the Other Eye

What you are describing is commonly called "sympathy" discomfort. It is likely that the corneal nerves being slightly irritated in the operated eye(totally normal) have caused the other eye to be a little hypersensitive. I would recommend using an artifical tear drop(unpreserved) in each eye a few times a day. This sensation should be gone within two weeks of the procedure....if not, you need to consult your surgeon.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
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Did LASEK on Second Eye Affect First Eye?

Dryness and irritation after LASEK is common and might be more noticeable to you as you have just undergone recent procedure on your other eye. Try using nonpreserved tear drops or even an ointment to reduce dryness.  Seek care from your surgeon if your symptoms persist.

Sandy Feldman, MD
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