I Am Unhappy I Want to Go Bigger?

Hi I am 26 years old . Married and i dont have kids . My tall is 160 cm . My weigh is 59 kg I had my breast implants before two months ago . I get 390 cc on my left breast and 371 cc silicone gel naturally on right breast . Unhappy with them , its small .is not as i expected . Do you recommend the process again . I want to go to 425 cc or 450 cc and how long should i wait to return ? And are there risk if i restart the process ? Help me sorry my English is not good .

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Breast Implants

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You should post some pictures so that we can provide more useful advice.  In general, I tell patients to wait 6-12 months after their surgery to make a decision about revision surgery.  You are only 2 months post surgery.  You should discuss your concerns with your PS.


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Implant exchange

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Sorry that you are not totally satisfied, but an implant exchange to be noticeable in most cases requires about 100-150 cc difference.

Steven Wallach, MD
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When exchanging implants increase size consider at least 100 mL difference.

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If the size is so much to your disliking that you are willing to undergo another operation I would at least increase the size by 100 mL. Wait at least six months before undergoing the revision.

I want to go bigger

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I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your results. I would recommend waiting at least 3-4 months before thinking about another surgery. You should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. He/She should be able to gain access through the previous incision, so no new scars, and exchange the implants for a larger size. Hope that helps!

I Am Unhappy I Want to Go Bigger?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. At this point, 2 months after surgery, I would suggest that you continue to exercise patience. Best to evaluate the results of the procedure performed approximately 6 months after it was done. At that point, if you  continue to feel that your breasts are too small, discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. It is very likely, depending on your specific anatomy and goals, that surgery with larger breast implants could be considered. 

 Best wishes.

Going for bigger implants

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If you are unhappy with your breast implant size, be patient. It's only been 2 months. They will continue to change and you may find that you are happy with them. If after 6 months you are still unhappy, then consider going about 100cc bigger (at least). Anything less than 100cc is such a small increase it's really not worth it, going through the surgery and recovery for a minimal change

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Removal and Replacement for Size Change

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Removal and Replacement for size change is a fairly common reason for revision breast surgery. If you are in fact planning on up-sizing your implants, you may want to increase it beyond simply 25 or 50 cc. There is some room for movement for most people in terms of different implant types when up-sizing. Current photos would be helpful.

Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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