Unhappy with Veneers. 4 Months Later, Dentist Was Out of State, What to Do?

I am unhappy with my veneers. Its been 4 months and $21,000 later. I went to a dentist out of state who specialized in gummy smiles (something that has bothered me for years). It was all very rushed I had the temporarys placed on and had to go back the very next day for the actual veneers. He made all the adjustments to the veneers while they were on my teeth. They are not the color I chose and they are uneven. What are my options? Do I need to go back to the same dentist to avoid paying again?

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Veneers placed, unahppy with result, what are my options

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To have a successful veneer outcome proper planning is key and the final result takes some time to perfect.  It sounds like everything you had done was rushed since you were out of state. In my office my patients evaluate the look, feel, shape and shade before we permanently bond the veneers on.  Some adjustments after are normal but it sounds like you never saw them before they were bonded on.  Unfortunately you would need to go to the other dentist again to avoid paying but what is to say the results would be any different.  Seeing a qualified cosmetic dentist more local to your location probably would be the better option but be prepared to pay again for the case to be redone.  I am not sure why you said 4 months later you are unhappy but why did it take you so long to decide that you did not like them

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Unhappy With Veneers 4 Months Later

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When it comes to cosmetics, you cannot get a high quality result under rushed conditions. Cosmetic Veneers take time in planning, in wearing temporaries for a few weeks to make sure the bite (occlusion), shape and contour are EXACTLY what you are happy with, and only then proceeding to the final Veneers which should be tried in and approved by you prior to final bonding. If you go back to the same dentist, under the same rushed conditions, you will get the same unhappy results. If you go to a new local dentist who is experienced in cosmetic veneers, expect to pay all over again.

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