Unhappy with tummy tuck operation, 9 months post OP? (photo)

Hey, I have tummy tuck operation to get rid of excess skin in turkey and i still have skin which is bothering me. I managed to lose 50 KG within 10 months, I was always obese since child hood which started at 6 years old. Please examine the images and tell me what i could do. Really appreciate it :)

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Unhappy with tummy tuck operation

More useful photos would look like the ones you can see to the right of the screen, showing the full abdomen from front and side views, in erect posture.

It does appear from this less than ideal photo evaluation that repeating the procedure might yield a far better outcome. The incision could be lower, and it may be that a vertical incision to remove the horizontal excess might be of benefit here, though an in person exam would be needed to judge this.

All the best.

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Excess skin

Sorry, but I cannot oriented myself on your pictures. I honestly cannot see the excess skin. Not that I doubt you, but I cannot see the skin laxity. 
I am afraid the only option is to remove the skin that is bothering you and was not removed during your TT in Turkey. 
What possessed you to go to Turkey from all the places? 

Fara Movagharnia, DO, FACOS
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Still with excess skin following tummy tuck

Your photos aren't the best (or the worst) but it looks like you have quite a bit of residual skin laxity. I think you would likely benefit from a revision that removes more skin. You should make sure that you are at a healthy and stable weight before revision or your surgeon will be working on a moving target.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
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