I'm Unhappy with the Small Amout of Tissue Removed in my Brest Reduction, What Can I Do? (photo)

I was a 34G and 140LBS and wanted a C. He told me i had about 850cc in one breast and 800cc in the other. he wanted to make them 400. I told him i didn't think that was enough but he kept telling me that i would be unhappy with more taken. He didn't listen to me and i ended up unhappy. I still fit in the same bras (34ddd) and still have all the same problems. I told him this, he got defensive told me it was my fault and he would have never made me small, after i had the surgery. What can i do?!

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Yes, breast reduction can be repeated.

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     Yikes, this is a tough one.  It is not possible to predict bra size after any breast surgery because bras are not standardized.  I have at least 3  different sizes in my dresser drawer.  Also, it is not unusual for a reduction patient to fit into her preop bras after surgery.  Why?  Because her pre op bra was way too small.  I have seen this many, many times.  And sometimes the breast anatomy dictates how small a patient can go and still preserve nipple blood supply and sensation.  It could be that your surgeon couldn't have taken more without thinking he was risking a dead nipple.  I would choose a healthy nipple over an underdone reduction any day.

     All of that being said and moving forward...........  Make sure your current weight is the same as your preop weight.  Five or ten pounds can make a difference and your post op photo makes you look a little thicker in the abdomen than your pre op photo.   

     If you can't work with your current surgeon - get a second opinion from a American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified Surgeon and make sure you have your medical records from your surgeon.  It will be very, very important for that surgeon to know what technique was used. 

     And..................I think you have a nice result.  Remember - the enemy of good is better. 


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I'm Unhappy with the Small Amout of Tissue Removed in my Brest Reduction, What Can I

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Thanks for the posted photos. Very hard issue to advise. You now need a new PS but you have already paid for the first surgery. Though the result is very good you still do not like the size. I might try breast liposuction with VASER or Smart Lipo Triplex. Or repeat a 200 cc per side reduction. Both these will cost you a new fee but hopefully you will/would be happy. Regards 

Unhappy with breast reduction, what can be done?

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Thanks for the photos. Although it is hard to compare the before and after photo due to the different position, it looks like your postop photos show a good result. You do not state how far you are from your surgery. I would recommend patience, your breasts will change in 1 year from your surgery. If at that time you still desire a re-reduction, you can talk to your plastic surgeon about it. Remember, although this can be done, you will be at higher risk for potential nipple/areolar loss.

Breasts Too Large after Breast Reduction?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Although I can understand your concerns about your breast size,  I think you should be aware that your plastic surgeon has done a very nice job for you. Aesthetically speaking you have achieved good symmetry, pleasant shape, and overall good proportionality between the upper and lower body ( at least from what I can see in your pictures).

I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with him; express your questions/concerns in a calm and nonaccusatory fashion.   Repeat breast reduction surgery is certainly possible;  it would be in your best interest to have the same surgeon perform the operation ( given that he knows exactly what was done,  he will be best able to avoid complications associated with repeat breast reduction surgery).

I hope this helps.

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