Unhappy Rhinoplasty Results, What Do You Suggest For a Revision?

im an aussie boy whos had 2 extremely bad rhinoplasty done. In one of the operations ive had in 2000 i had a septoplasty, rhinoplasty & an SMD and in the other ive had a open rhinoplasty in 2005.I have a hanging columella which is heart breaking. What is required to fix the problem? what are the risks? what would be a rough cost? I am more then willing to travel to America to have this done

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Revision Rhinoplasty for Hanging Columella

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Tip revision can be done to treat a hanging columella whether it is secondary to a low columella and/or a retracted nostril rim. Unfortunately it is a problem I've seen this many times doing revision rhinoplasty over the last 35 years. Cost for this surgery is about $10,000.

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Repairing hanging columella with revision rhinoplasty

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There are a few causes of a hanging columella, especially after having prior rhinoplasty surgery.  It's hard to say what would be the best way to address your concerns without seeing photos of your nose but either repositioning the columellar position upward or addressing alar retraction are common steps that need to be done.

You can check out my link below to read more and treating this condition.

Revision rhinoplasty costs (including anesthesia and operating room fees) varying quite a bit depending on how extensive surgery is. In my area it usually ranges from about $7,000-12,000 total.

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What is needed for revision?

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It is hard to  to give accurate advice without photos, but generally a hanging columella is caused by either a long caudal septum or retracted alar rims or a combination of both. Long septums can be trimmed and retracted alae can be grafted to lower them. In my area costs for revision rhinoplasty can range from $8-14,000 dollars depending on how much operative time is needed, requirement for ear or rib grafts etc. Good luck!

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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