Unhappy with Results 4 Weeks After Slim Lipo

I've had done slimlipo in my upper and lower abs 4 weeks ago. Last week i was feeling really happy with the results so far..but i start to look bigger, i feel that my whole body is swolen, legs, face...i fell itchy and burning in my legs (i've done nothing there). So, i can really see that i'm all swollen. But i shouldnt been looking smaller by now?? So frustating.. Please coment my pictures. thank you

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Lipo results

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I see definite improvement on your side B & A photos.  Much less protruberance of the abdomen.  It sounds like your swelling is due to overall fluid retention.  May want to limit your salt intake and see your doctor concerning this.

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Unhappy with Slim Lipo at 4 Weeks You Will Be Happy at 3 Months

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Thank you for your question.

Your results look excellent for 4 weeks.

Swelling is common after surgery and can take weeks to resilve. Be sure to wear garment, limit salt intake, and massage.

Skin tightening will continue for 6 months

Slim lipo 4 weeks post-operative

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I see a good amount of improvement on your abdominal contour.  I recommend that you continue wearing your phase 2 garments for another couple of months as you will continue "shrinking" for the next 6 months, a majority happens at about 2 months.  This is because wound healing and collagen synthesis and remodeling occurs up to one year after surgery.  In the meantime, continue exercising and eating right and your results will be greatly improved.  After about 6 months and you are still unhappy, I recommend seeing your surgeon for either further treatment with the slim lipo or consider a mini tummy tuck.  Good luck and take care.

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SlimLipo results and expectations

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From the photo, it appears like you got considerable reduction in volume.  The overall abdominal contour has improved but may not be as flat as you hoped.  I'm not sure how much energy was delivered for skin tightening, but you may continue to see some improvement over the next couple months.  From the pre-op picture, I would have also suggested a possible tummy tuck as it would allow you to tighten the six-pack muscles and more aggressive skin reduction.  At this point, I would wait.  Submit more pics at your 3 month mark.  Good luck.

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