Disappointed with SmartLipo Results - How to Find a Good Second Opinion on What's Next?

I'm very unhappy with results of smartlipo performed 3 months ago. I now have huge dents in each thigh which look much worse than my previous 'fat thighs'. My doctor said he would do a free revision but i'm reluctant to have another painful operation with possibly no better result. How do I find top rated Plastic Surgeons in Denver, to get a second opinion?

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Fixing dents after smart lipo

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Don't limit your opportunities by searching only for plastic surgeons. There may be extremely experienced dermatologic surgeons in the area as well.  Fat injections with or without subcision (breaking up the attachments holding down the indentation) might improve your situation adequately. They may require a series of several treatments.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Unhappy smartlipo patient

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I am sorry you are unhappy with your result.  Lipo no matter what technique was used could have an unfavorable outcome.  Look on line at the ASPS website for a qualified surgeon in Denver.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Many unhappy Smartlipo patients out there

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This is the third question I have answered today alone about unhappy results from Smart(?)liposuction. The basic problem is that this technique is usually performed by non-plastic surgeons who are sold themselves and then sell the patients upon the idea that the laser heat will make your skin shrink better than nature could.  No scientific proof of this exists to my knowledge.  Secondly, they promote the idea that you can safely suction just under the skin to enhance the shrinkage.  This leads to dents and grooves that are impossible to completely correct.

I'd suggest you go to plasticsurgery.org, the web site for real plastic srugeons, and find some excellent ones in your area and ask if anything can be done to help you.

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