Unhappy with Post Op 5 Weeks Lift with Augmentation?

Had breast lift with implants 5 weeks ago. Have wound separation bil and both breast have drooped. Got 550 cc mod silicone.PS says wait a few month and redo lift in office and perform scar revision? Should I go to OR for comfort (will cost more) and change moderate silicone with maybe 400 cc high profile implants- so less chance for more drooping. Just very dissappointed. No upper pole fullness at all. Just wanted nice cleavage in a bathing suit. Am 5'2 135 lbs.

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Augmentation/Mastopexy Concerns

I am sorry you are having difficulty following your Augmentation/Mastopexy procedure. It is a very difficult operation and the experience you are having is not unusual. During the procedure Plastic Surgeons are doing two things that are completely at odds with each other, that being enlarging the breast profile while tightening the breast tissue. This puts more stress on the skin incisions and increases the risk of wound healing problems with possibly wider scars  and breast asymmetry. Any Plastic Surgeon who does this operation regularly has dealt with this problem, and the plan your surgeon has outlined appears appropriate. I would suggest considering a 350-400cc moderate plus profile implant, which will give you more upper pole fullness and less projection, thus decreasing the stress on your incisions. Generally my advice is to use the smallest implant possible (when a mastopexy is done at the same time) to achieve your breast "enhancement". 

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Unhappy with Post Op 5 Weeks Lift with Augmentation?

I'm sorry that you're unhappy with the results of your surgery.  Breast lift with implants (formally, augmentation mastopexy) is one of the more complicated procedures and has a higher revision rate than do most plastic surgery procedures.  Without photos it is hard to offer specific recommendations but I would suggest that you give this long enough to heal before you consider a revision (probably at least three months post-op unless there is medical urgency).  Then, you have to decide how much of a procedure to undergo; the larger the procedure the more important it is likely to be to do it under a controlled situation (ie, in the hospital).  If it's just to narrow a scar, that can probably be done under local anesthesia in the office.  More than that, I would suggest a more formal procedure.

I  hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Revision in OR or treatment room

I think for a breast lift revision, you may be more comfortable having anesthesia to calm you and sedate you during the procedure.

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5 weeks after Augmentation/Mastopexy

I am sorry you are not happy with your results.  If it is the separation that you are not happy with - don't worry too much - a simple scar revision in the office will make a big difference and be comfortable and work out well.  On the other hand, if you are not happy with your augmentation or size, then you will want to go to the OR for the exchange and scar revision.  I don't think the profile will change your upper pole fullness or cleavage - it will make your breasts more narrow and stick forwards more.  Placing a smaller implant may make the top look less full, depending on what is going on with your current implants.  Good luck!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

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Unhappy with Post Op 5 Weeks Lift with Augmentation?

If you are considering an implant exchange, the OR is a better place. If you are having a simple scar revision, office setting seems ok. But if the entire lift is being redone, I would favor the OR. 

Without photos it is not possible to comment on the outcome or make any more specific suggestions. 

All the best. 

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