Unhappy with the Outcome of my Nosejob

i had closed rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to straighten my nose and to remove the hump on my nose, it doesnt look like any thing has been done, i still have a lump on my bridge which is solid and its still not straight, i didnt have much swelling and only had one black eye which had gone within 4 days, im so dissapointed and dont know what to do, and i know when i see the surgeon again hes just going to tell me it only swelling, but the bottom of my nose is not inline with the top.

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Rhinoplasty outcome

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There is still likely a lot of swelling at 2 weeks, however you should begin to see the basic changes (straightness) of your nose. It's difficult to say if insufficient bone/cartilage was removed, only your surgeon knows that for sure. Be patient and follow up with your surgeon and express your concerns.

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Unhappy with the Outcome of my Nosejob

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Sorry regarding your unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the surgery. While you are still healing, you should be able to observe basic changes such as greater straightness at this point. Speak clearly but calmly with the surgeon to get his perspective of the surgery and to review preoperative photos with him.  You should continue to wait until 6 months prior to deciding if a revision surgery is in order.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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It is concerning but may improve over time

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It has been only two weeks after the rhinoplasty. At this point of time you can not see the final results yet. There is a lot of swelling and the shape of your nose will keep changing.  But generally you should see correct shapy at this point and you should discuss this situation with your surgeon. However a rule of the thumb is not to operate before several months have passed unless there is an obvious deformity.  Revisional surgery can be very succesfull. 

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Unhappy with Rhinoplasty Result 2 Weeks after Surgery

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You are correct, your surgeon and most of us will tell you that temporary swelling can  distort nasal appearance 2 weeks after surgery. You have to be patient - nothing can or should be done at this time.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Unhappy with rhinoplasty

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During my consults for rhinoplasty I emphasize to all my patients that it will take at least 6 months to have an idea what the final results of a rhinoplasty will be.  Despite this I often field complaints about the appearnace during the early postoperative period after the rhinoplasty.  Please wait things will improve, however, don't hesitate to voice your concerns to your plastic surgeon. 

Ernesto Hayn, MD
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How early postoperatively can we tell whether rhinoplasty has been a success?

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Hi Daz.  Dr. Beraka has commented on his surprise at the number of RealSelf reports of unhappy rhinoplasty results.  Although this is unfortunate, most surgeons admit that rhinoplasty is the most challenging facial cosmetic surgery and quote a 10-15% revision rate following primary rhinoplasty.  It may not be so surprising therefore, that there are several reports from unsatisfied patients. 

At 2 weeks following rhinoplasty, the basic form of the nose such as straightness and symmetry should be evident.  The profile will change somewhat going forward and the majority of future change will be in the nasal tip where swelling persists the longest.  However, if there are serious concerns at this point they are not likely to improve to a degree where you will be happy.  If revision becomes a realistic option, then it is best to wait 9 to 12 months before proceeding.

Sincerely, Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS
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Two weeks after rhinoplasty

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At two weeks it is hard to see the final result.  You have to give it time to heal and this can take several months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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2 weeks after rhinoplasty

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I would certainly see and talk with your surgeon. At two weeks it is too early for any revisional surgery. If with additional time you are not happy a consult with a different surgeon may be helpful.

Rhinoplasty is a difficult operation.

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I am astounded how many RealSelf questions have to do with unhappy rhinoplasty patients.  Of course it is too early to tell what your nose will really look like, but if it looks bad at two weeks, that's not a good sign.

Try to be optimistic.  You should wait six months in any case.  But you may eventually need a revision.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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