Very Unhappy - Can my Belly Be Fixed?

about 15 months ago, I had abdominoplasty and an umbilical hernia repair done. No one mentioned they would be basically making a new belly button. I now have an awful scar on the bikini line, a full circle scar around my belly button and that's not the worst. I'm most unhappy because I have a dent in my bikini line - and you can see where the old belly button was. where they pulled the skin down. I paid a lot of money and his response was "you can come in office and I will try and fix it".

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Tummy tuck scars can be noticeable.


It sounds like a communication problem, because you did not really understand the tummy tuck scars you would be left with.  They may be within the normal range, and they can probably be improved, but unfortunately not removed.

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Scarring following an abdominoplasty

Really need a photograph to understand the problem.  If your scars appear excessive then this can be corrected by a scar revision.  I would ask your plastic surgeon what can be done to improve your scar and meet your expectations.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Unfortunate Tummy Tuck

I am sorry to hear about your experience.  Photos would help determine if and what revisions are possible.  Hernia repair and tummy tuck at times would not be the best thing to do.  Additionally, it sounds like you did not have a lot of excess skin since your original belly button hole could not be removed.

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Improvements post tummy tuck

we are not able to evaluate your result without an examination. I would suggest you do return to see your surgeon and if not totally content with the answer you receive, go get a second consultation from another board certified plastic surgeon and see if they differ. That may assist you in making a plan of action. Usually scars can be improved.

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Unhappy After Tummy Tuck Surgery

I think that your plastic surgeon has given you good advice;  return for follow-up and have him evaluate the situation.  During this follow, you'll be able to communicate your concerns, and after physical examination, it is likely that revisionary options will be discussed.

 All my consultants will not be able to be of much help to you.

 Best wishes.

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Unhappy after tummy tuck

It is hard to comment without seeing you or your photos.  With any full tummy tuck, there will be a low, transverse abdominal scar and scar around the belly button.  If you have a "dent," that may require scar revision and/or liposuction.  You should go see your plastic surgeon and see whether he can address your concern.  You can also get a second opinion by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Very Unhappy - Can my Belly Be Fixed?

      Usually some improvements in the belly button or the transverse scar can be made.   At least give your surgeon the opportunity to address your concerns.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Very Unhappy - Can my Belly Be Fixed?

Thank you for your question. Without photos to demonstrate the problems, it is really not possible to answer the questions you ask. Please consider posting photos, if possible from both before and after surgery. 

Many post-op issues can be resolved, and having your own surgeon deal with them will be the least expensive approach. If you are not happy with the physician, a second opinion from another plastic surgeon is in order. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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