Unhappy with Inframammary Fold After Low Profile Implants with Lift

Sugrery date: 11-11-11 low profile silicone gel 397cc's in each breast under the muscle Had my operation about a month and a half ago. Happy with my results except for my inframammary fold. I strongly dislike how implant hangs over. If I were to switch to a mod or high profile would this help my problem? I posted a picture of the look i'd like. It it possible?

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High profile implants will not improve your result!

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I'm sorry to tell you what you don't want to hear, but waiting and asking your surgeon (or any other) will not yield anything that can change your innate skin elasticity (or lack thereof) and your own tendency to have a certain degree of breast ptosis (droop). You might obtain a number of proposed surgical options, but each and every surgeon who suggests you can obtain the result your "this is the look I'd love to have" photo shows is either lying or inexperienced and naive. My ABPS-certified colleagues who are answering here all are saying the same thing for a reason:

This is a good result for your anatomy, and no implant (even a super-high profile) can give your breasts the "high, tight Baywatch" look that you like. Breast implants do not lift breasts--any size, any profile! And even if  you were to obtain the "look" you seek, you would probably hate how hard your breasts would be, and how you now can't hug anyone any more, or that your partner doesn't want to touch your breasts any more! No one really wants to tell you that your own look and softness is more natural than the look you desire, even though that is the truth, and no one wants to offend you!

Of course, you are entitled to like whatever "look" you wish, but unless a surgeon were to intentionally "try" to cause you to develop a capsular contracture to achieve the look you hope for, the photo result you seek is an unrealistic expectation for you.

Our job, should any of us see you in person, would be to try to tell you that without upsetting you, or seeming like we just didn't know how to deal with your situation. In fact, the latter may indeed be the case, since what you need is information and education (not more surgery or a different implant), since none of us can change your skin, genetics, or intentionally cause a "bad result" (capsular contracture that would give a high, firm, non-drooping over the crease look). All we can try to do is change your mind, and there's no joy (or income) in that. And since only one surgeon has received your trust and surgical fee, that is the surgeon who bears the burden of letting you know that, so each of us sends you back to your own surgeon.

Perhaps your expectations were "fed" by your surgeon, perhaps not. But you need to trust that your result is good, that soft and naturally slightly ptotic breasts (especially larger ones) are normal, and that any surgeon who tries to achieve what you are asking may only make things worse. Maybe even horribly worse! Trust me, you don't want dead skin from trying to tighten your skin brassiere too much, or capsular contracture that turns you into a re-operative breast "cripple." Any of us who are experienced breast surgeons with years of patients of all kinds know this is true, and we really try to make our patients understand that so they don't open the expensive and progressively more problematic surgical Pandora's box.

Think about Michael Jackson's second, third, or fourth nose operation as an example. For one of my breast patients with a story you don't want to hear (but should), click on the link below. Be peaceful with yourself and thank your surgeon for a really good surgical result, even if your expectations were not met. Best wishes!

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Inframammary Fold after Breast Augmentation

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Based on your pictures, your results look good and more natural that the picture of the look that you like. Wait a few months and ask your surgeon about your goals but it is unlikely that a different implant will get you the result you want.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Inframammary fold after mastopexies

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I'm glad you are happy with your result over all. You should be. You will likely never be able to look like the picture on the right because your breast were ptotic/droopy to start with (hence the need for the lift) and the patient on the right was not (hence no lift). Also, you likely started with much more native breast tissue than the photograph on the right. I agree you should wait a full year to like the breast settle and then reevaluate your feeling and desired look with your surgeon.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Good result

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I am not seeing a before photo so you may have had a slight asymmetry to begin with.  but given your photos your result looks very acceptable and let 4-6 more months pass and then reevaluate-i would most definitely not jump the gun because you can create more unnecessary problems.  stay up with your f.u appts

Edward J. Bednar, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation/ Mastopexy Results?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

based on your pictures, I think you have a very nice results after presentation/mastopexy surgery. I would suggest  you allow yourself  at least an additional 6 months before you judge the final results of surgery.

At that point, I would suggest you discuss your questions and concerns with your plastic surgeon. be careful that you do not undergo further surgery  and worsen the already very acceptable results you have achieved.

Best wishes.

Breast Surgery

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It is extremely hard to make accurate diagnosis as well as giving crucial decision making clinical decision without an in person physical examination along with a length discussion, please see your local board certified plastic surgeon in your area. If you dont have a surgeon you can look at the american society of aesthetic plastic surgery website and search by zip code or postal code. I wish you the best success!

Breast augmentation may affect the inframammary fold

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From your photos, it appears as though you have an excellent result.  With the implants, your breasts are larger and will naturally hang over the inframammary folds.  I would wait 6-8 months before making a final decision as to the results to allow the swelling to resolve, but it looks like you're going to get a great shape your breasts.

Expectations need to be realistic after augmentation/lift surgery

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You have what everybody will agree who does this surgery, is a very nice result.  When you need a lift it means you have poorly elastic skin and extra skin too.  There is only so much a lift can do for you and you really can't get the look you "want" in the right photo (that person did not need a lift) either by revision or by bigger higher profile implants.  

Thank your doctor for the excellent job they did for you and move forward towards loving your new look rather than focusing on a negative that really isn't one.  Your result is basically as good as it can be for you.

Results of Implant Mastopexy

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It is very difficult to judge the results of surgery without seeing preop photos.Your result actually looks quite good for this point in tme. I would not do any alterations for 6 months, as your implants will settle and you will be surprised by the changes.You have very nice projection, so changing to a higher profile implant would simply stretch out your skin. I think patience will be you best friend for now. Your surgeon did a lovely job.

Karen Vaniver, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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Trying to get a certain look

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Thanks for providing your after picture-you mave a nice result so far, but without a before picture it is hard to answer your question completely.   I will tell you the picture of the augmentation you like did not need a lift and that changes the expectation.  I would reccomend you wait at least 6 months and discuss with your surgeon if any strategies can imporve your result.

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