Unhappy with Implants. Will Lollipop Lift Help?

I had a donut lift with implants 4 weeks ago (250cc left, 280 cc right, over muscle). I am unhappy with my results. I didn't want implants to begin with but my doc informed me i would have a man's chest if i went with lift alone. they are too big and dont look natural.I liked my size and look in a bra before. Could I acheive the look in the last picture with lollipop lift alone?

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Breast implant revision

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At 4 weeks from surgery, it is too early for a revision. It takes time for implants to settle into place and swelling to resolve. Only then can you see your final shape. Based on your preoperative photo, you look like you may have been a better candidate for either an anchor or lollipop type lift. The photo on the far right is more what you may have looked like with a lift alone, and no implant. See how the breast tissue is mainly located at the lower half of the breast? People are often unhappy with lift alone if they are expecting fullness at the upper pole of the breast (higher up on the chest wall). I would definitely communicate your concerns with your surgeon, and give it time for now. Once you have healed, you can always have a revision to improve the lift and/or implant size if you so desire.

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