Unhappy with Chin Implant Frontal View 6 Months Post-Op, What Are My Options To Correct This?

About six months ago, I had a small, wafer-style chin implant replaced with a medium-sized anatomical implant. Unfortunately, I am very unhappy with the frontal view. While I like the anterior projection on the profile, my face looks long and gaunt from the front. What is the best course of action to correct this? Can it be replaced by a smaller implant so that the shape of my face returns to how it was prior to surgery? How long should I wait for swelling to subside? Thank you.

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Replacing a chin implant

You can replace or revise it.  The true outcome depends on your anatomy, the implant selected, and how it is placed.  Keep in mind, there are some patients who are best served with a true genioplasty in which bone is cut and the chin adjust in postion.  Sounds worse than it is.  However, this is the minority of patients.

1.  You should wait about 3 to 6 months before revising it.

2.  If the implant is placed more vertically, or higher, on the chin bone your face would be less long and gaunt.

3.  Keep in mind, some of the risks of chin implant surgery are heightened a bit with a revision.  Risk of numbness of the lips and chin are slightly higher.

All and all, you can redo this.  Be patient.  You may find it looks better in a few months, but wait at least 3 more months before revising it.

Best of luck

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