Unhappy With Chin Implant Appearance. Can it Be Repositioned/Replaced Right After Surgery/ (photo)

if unhappy with chin implant appearance can it be repositioned or replaced with another size right after surgery? I had a chin implant done yesterday.Was bandaged up, didn't think to ask to see results & wasn't directed to see it.Got home & was VERY unhappy with appearance. I know i have to consider the swelling, but even with the swelling the chin doesn't appear to project forward enough to line up with my lips in profile view and my jaw doesn't look widened enough. if i had gotten to look at the results right after surgery and expressed concerns could dr have made adjustments right then and there?

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Not Happy with Chin Implant 1 Day after Surgery

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You could change the implant 1 day after surgery, but this would not be a wise thing to do. Wait until the swelling decreases to see your result - the implant can be changed at that time. There is no advantage to rushing your decision.

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Immediate Chin Implant Revision?

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Asking/considering a revision on a chin implant the very next day after surgery is premature. But it is very common amongst men who undergo facial implant surgery. You need to let the tissues settle and a little healing to take place. I would wait a minumum of six weeks after surgery. You may or may not change how you feel, but a new implant can just as easily be placed then as now. The difference is that you will have a better perspective on what you want the final result to be and your surgeon will know what size and shape the new chin implant needs to be over what you have now.

Unhappy With Chin Implant Appearance. Can it Be Repositioned/Replaced Right After Surgery/

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How could you know the final appearance RIGHT after surgery. The area is swollen. You must wait at least a few months before final result is apparent. Unless there is a dramatic malposition than allow healing. 

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This is a very common response from patients who have had this procedure soon after surgery, but once the healing is complete, they are very happy with result. So, be patient and you will also be pleased with your result.

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