Very Unhappy with Asymmetry After Breast Reduction?

reduction (34ff to about 34d) 12 days ago & it was apparent immediately there was some asymmetry. I brought this up in hospital - they said it was due to uneven tape application under my breasts & that I didn't have a haematoma. On removal of the supportive tape they are still asymmetric. Additionally one nipple is higher than the other, the nipples are different shapes and sizes, the nipples are also pointing in different directions. One breast is slightly more bruised and more swollen.

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Revision breast reduction can make things better.

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1)  If one breast is a lot bigger, you need to make sure you don't have a hematoma.  A sonogram will tell you that.

2)  If there is no hematoma, you just need to be patient for three or four months.  If you are not happy then, a revision should help a lot.

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Breast asymmetry after procedures

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Now that you've had you surgery, you must heal and then you can determine better what may need to be revised and what is 'good enough'.  Try not to fret over this and there is really nothing to be done until later.

Asymmetry after breast reduction may require surgical correction.

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Is much too early to make a pronouncement about asymmetry several weeks after breast reduction. If it persists, it can be surgically corrected.

Concerns after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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 Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure.

Given your concerns about breast asymmetry associated with more swelling/bruising on one side,  I think you will be best off addressing these concerns with your plastic surgeon in the near future. He/she will be in a position to rule out complications that may explain all of these concerns.

 Once complications have been ruled out, your best  “friend” will be patience and time. You will likely find the breasts will change over the course of the next several months. Therefore, best to evaluate the end results of the procedure performed, including symmetry concerns, many months from now.

 Best wishes. 

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