Unhappy with Far Apart and Lateral? (photo)

I had 325cc HP (under musle) post-op 3 month ago. I am not happy with the gap between my breast and lateral.They look fake for me. I am really petite and got really small frame. Any recommendation to help me to get result naturally and fix the gap to get closer. Do I need to downsize ? And what size going to be good on me? I am 5"02 ans 95lbs.

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Keep it simple

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I think you should keep the approach as simple as possible and avoid any additional scarring such as nipple scars etc. Change to a smaller implant, possibly with some tightening of the lateral pocket at the same time, and consider fat transfer to help improve the cleavage. Simple, effective, and no new scars or interference with your actual breast tissue.

Implant displacement

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Your 325 cc implants are too large, too low, too lateral and are bottoming out.  Your implants have descended out from underneath the pectoralis major muscle and are not submuscular.  You will need your implants removed and smaller implants placed retro-pectoral.  Using a circumareola incision, your breast tissue is lifted to create upper pole fullness and medially displaced to increase cleavage and elevate on the chest wall.  You are a perfect candidate for a new technique called Mini Ultimate Breast Lift with Implant Exchange.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Breast augmentationg concerns

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Thank you for the pictures.  I personally think that the high profile implants give a more fake look due to the amount of projection.  You could look at changing to a moderate plus profile which will not have so much forward projection and would by a little wider to bring your cleavage closer together.  Your anatomy also plays a role in how close your breasts are, some people just have wider sternums which does not allow you to have that really close cleavage.  I hope this helps you.

Kindest regards,

Neil J. Zemmel

Unhappy with Far Apart and Lateral? (photo) #breastimplants ANS:

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I think you will need different implants to get the look that you want. I personally am not a fan of High profile implants. I think they look too narrow and overprojected on most women, but that is just me...And in your case it seems like they gave you kind of that "fake" look you are describing...

Don't necessarily do anything else yet

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Although I agree with the other responders  (your choice of devices is bigger than I would've recommended), I doubt that you didn't go through a  preoperative process of making a sagacious  size choicewith your surgeon. “Normal breasts” don't usually meet in the midline, so I don't think that should be a goal in breast augmentation. While  replacement with smaller devices may be the best idea, you could also simply wait and utilize  good support  and breast massage to see if “tincture of time” would serve to enhance your satisfaction. If your original surgeon is an ASPS member,  your best bet would be to return to him/her to see what discount might be available for implant exchange. I don't think it would be reasonable to expect not to pay anything, but it would also be reasonable to expect not to pay as much as you did the 1st time.

Todd Sisto, MD
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Unhappy Breast Augmentation Results

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I am sorry you are unhappy, and looking at the photos, I understand why.  Unfortunately you will need a revision surgery to improve your appearance.  What you don't need is a wider implant. One of your problems is that your current implants are already too wide for both your breast diameter and your chest size.  Wider implants will not make the gap more narrow!  Surgical dissection can narrow the gap and make your implants closer together, but this would lead to complete transection of your precious muscle, with severe rippling as a result.

Your implants are also too projecting, making the depth of your gap greater, which visually enhances the gap.  Your current implants not only make your breasts look fake, they are damaging your tissues, and will lead to permanent thinning of your soft tissue envelope (skin, fat, breast tissue, and muscle), and flattening of the rib cage directly below the implants. With time, you will have rippling, and malposition/dropout.

Although fat grafting sounds like a great ideal to 'fill' the gap, in practice it is not so simple.  In the breast reconstruction world, we talk about how fat that is transferred likes 'a good blood supply and plenty of room to live in'.  Well, you've got the normal blood supply, but you don't have a lot of room between your skin and your breast bone.  Fat will unlikely graft well in that location.

Your new implants should be at least one centimeter narrower than your current ones, and no more than an intermediate profile (mod plus for Mentor, style 15 Natrelle, mod for Sientra).  This will lead to a natural breast appearance and your modest gap will not be enhanced, but hidden!

Best of luck!



Implants and position

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First, your are limited somewhat by your anatomy.  In addition the implants have only been in for 3 months, over time the tissues will relax more and they should look more "natural". If you want them a bit closer together, you  may require a slightly wider implant.  But again, your anatomy will limit the cleavage that you will have.

Breast implant diameter is important to achieve a natural result with breast augmentation

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I think the implant selected in your case was too wide for the footprint of your breast and width of your chest - you have a nice aesthetic result, but it does look 'fake'. The intra-mammary distance cannot be changed with implant adjustments, but can be altered a little bit with fat grafting techniques.

Breast implants too wide

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Your anatomy may not allow for a smaller space between your breasts and a smaller implant will make it worse. You have a nice result from what I can see. An attempt to cut the muscle and narrow the space is not a good idea. I would suggest compression exercises to stretch the medial pocket a bit and wait a full year before deciding to revise your breasts. Good luck!

Gap Between Implants

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Because you are thin, the edge of the implant is going to be more more visible and so will the gap.

A smaller implant that is lower profile may be a little bit wider, project outward less, and give you less of a rounded or "fake" look.  The gap might come in a bit depending on the exact implant dimensions you and your surgeon choose.

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