Really Unhappy After Fat Transfer on my Face

I had a tummy tuck, a little bit of lipo in my inner and outer thighs and fat transfer in december 2009. I complained to my doc that he put too much fat into my face/cheeks. He told me to loose 10 lbs. Everyone tells me that even though I have lost weight, my face still looks fat.

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Fat transfer to the face

Typically 30 percent or less of the fat stays after fat transfer to the face. This is a commonly quoted number in many texts as well as what I have noted in practice. I would expect some of the volume correction to change over the first year and would reevaluate your face at that time. You would potentially be a candidate for several other procedures/devices to reduce the volume.

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Fat transfer to the face

fat transfer to the face will not change significantly with slight weight loss and weight gain.

Consult anothe BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, may be you are a candidate for liposuction to the face. This needs   expertise

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Excess Fat in Face Following Fat Transfer


Hopefully over time (the next 6 months) you will lose some of the fat volume that was transferred to your face.  If it continues to trouble you, either microliposuction or radiofrequency non-invasive technologies such as Accent XL, Thermage, or Pelleve` may be helpful.

Good luck and be well.

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