Unfairly Charged for Transferring Case, What Are my Options?

I decided to transfer my invisalign case to another dentist.I was unhappy with the service provided by my dentist and wanted a dentist i felt comfortable with before treatment. After viewing my clincheck, i told my dentist i wanted him to send all my records to another dentist. I did not approve the 3d animation. I was called next day to pay $650 to transfer my case, despite the fact that i hadn't started treatment. He only has my records to send over. How should i dispute this? a letter?

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Transfer dispute

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Good communications is very important.  If trays were made then they should send them to your new Dr. You can ask your new Dr to call their office and get all they have so you can continue your treatment. If you feel you do not owe your Dr then just start fresh and do not pay if they try and collect complain to the dental board and ask for a hearing.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Charged for Transferring Invisalign Case

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The original dentist is entitled to charge you for all the records, X-rays and Impressions, as well as his time spent planning your case with Invisalign. If you already paid him for all the above, and he did not yet order the trays from Invisalign, then there really should not be a "transfer fee". If he already ordered the trays from Invisalign, then he is already committed to paying Invisalign the FULL LAB FEE, even though you decide not to proceed.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Options for being charged for the transfer of records

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Every offices policies are different.  If the dentist that you were seeing charges for the records visit and you want those records then you would need to pay for them.  In my office the records are included in the cost of treatment.  Speak to the dentist and see what you options are.

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