Unexpected asymmetry after unilateral otoplasty (pinning back a protruding cup-ear), help? (Photo)

11 days post-op. Left ear was operated. Concerns: A) The ear appears to be too close to the head (not so clear from pics) B) It looks bigger vertically (quite clear from pics) 1.How could the size change? Is it the swelling, or is the ear shape wrong or attached in wrong angle? (It was not different size before) 2.I know in time it can get better, BUT is there a window of opportunity to fix now which would close later? Esp.overcorrect? Some pics mirrored. I drew an exaggeration for clarity.

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Unexpected asymmetry after unilateral otoplasty

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It’s too early to be able to say anything about the final result just 11 days after the operation. Furthermore, a slight asymmetry, as seen in your post-operative photos, is normal, whereas a total symmetry is the exception.

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