Uneven Tip and Upper Part of the Nose(bone)after Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty a month ago.The tip of my nose(before)was a little bigger on the one side and so was the nasal bone.However,after surgery I still feel and see the bone 'fatter' on the one side(my 'right'),and the tip is a little crooked(to the left)and still bigger on the one side..to sum up,nose appears crooked...is that uneven swelling?or didnt he do it right?(if you can tell from the pic..)Is the formation in my bone swelling,a callus,or my bone?if a callus,when will it go away?thank you!

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To soon to determine results one month post rhinoplasty

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One month post rhinoplasty is simply to early determine your final results. The nose swelling dissipates slowly from the top to the tip and while almost seventy percent of the swelling is gone after the first three months the last thirty percent takes an entire year. After this time frame has passed you will be able to further determine your exact results. Best regards!

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