Can Uneven Tip Swelling Resolve and Even out and Can Your Tip Still Settle into Place Once Swelling Subsides?

Almost 7 weeks post-op from an open revision rhinoplasty. My tip is still hard. My doctor used septal cartilage to build up my right slumped tip cartilage, soften the soft skin triangle to match the other side as well as place a collumellar strut and spreader grafts.I am noticing my right tip has more swelling and the right tip cartilage is lifted a bit superiorly but it is in the correct location for symmetry. (2mm of lateral crura were trimmed,1-2mm of lower dorsum shaved,projection suture).

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7 Weeks Following Rhinoplasty Revision and Symmetry Concerns

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    7 weeks after a rhinoplasty revision of the magnitude you described is too soon to make any decisions about symmetry.

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