Uneven Swelling Nasal Bridge Base Post Closed Op 5 Weeks?

Uneven swelling at base either side of nose where nasal bridge meets face. 5 weeks post opp (thick bones and skin said doctor). Hump removal and thus narrowing of nasal bridge still swollen on top where hump removed and either side of nose the swelling out is uneven. Is this normal and how long until in the daylight it looks even and vastly gone down. Also when I put pressure on nose with finger nose looks good for a second then skin rises again is this just swelling. Thank you Male 21

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Swelling Post Rhinoplasty is common

At  five weeks into the post operative phase your asymmetry's are most likely due to swelling. It is common in this post operative phase to have swelling that dissipates from one area and not another possibly showing some irregularities. Without a direct examination it is best to discuss these concerns with your surgeon so you may have some peace of mind and understand where he/she thinks you are in the healing phase. When you apply pressure on the nose, which you should not be doing unless instructed by your surgeon you are are seeing the induration disappear for a moment. This is probably just swelling in the tissue and as time goes on this will go away .Usually, it take-up to an entire year for all of the swelling to dissipate after a Rhinoplasty. Thank you for your inquiry and best regards!

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Uneven Swelling At 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty


At 5 weeks post-op, your nasal irregularities are more likely due to uneven swelling; what you are experiencing is not uncommon and without physical examination it is hard to confirm that swelling is the sole cause of your nasal asymmetries.

That being said, it is unlikely that scar tissue could form that fast after your surgery hence when you press on your nasal irregularities they flatten but bounce back to retake their initial form. 

Usually, it takes about 12 months for the end results to get established after a rhinoplasty. It is of your best interest to be a little more patient and to follow your surgeon's instructions religiously. 

I hope this helps. 

The best of luck to you. 

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