Uneven Swelling After 6 Weeks Open Tip Rhinoplasty?

My nose bridge looks slightly bent to the right. Similarly the right side of the tip is slightly bigger than the left. It looks as if my nose bridge is broken to the right.The doctor says that it is normal since initially it is not bent like this. Only after the 2 or 3 weeks that it became conspicuous. But the difference is almost negligible ever since

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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I'm sure you have been told this before and it is probably hard to believe, but do give it some more time. At six weeks, there can be some asymmetric swelling which may take time after a rhinoplasty. You will have a much better idea of what the nose will look like at about three months.

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Need time for for swelling to go down after a tip rhinoplasty

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Six weeks is way to early to judge a post operative result. There will always be some degree of asymmetry in the early recovery period.  Don't get too anxious and give it time to resolve. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Asymmetric appearance of the tip after rhinoplasty may exist for months due to swelling.

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Six weeks is too early to become concerned about asymmetry after rhinoplasty. There almost certainly is swelling it will improve over time.

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