Uneven Surface After Macs Lift? (photo)

after more than 7 months of a macs lift i have several significal dimples on my cheeks. no improvement. my doctor has no idea how to resolve the problem or what the reason could be. i am quite depressed as i don't know if i have a chance to get back ever to a normal "situation". till now i look unacceptable. what are the possibilities of a recreation (new operation, just wait, if so than how long), what can i expect? i would be grateful for some suggestions....

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Dimpling After a MACS

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Dimpling after a facelift could mean one of the following:

-Too superficial plane-  There really should not be dimpling if in a deeper plane.  Unfortunately, these types of lifts are not practiced by many physicians due to the complex anatomy required.

-Suture attached to skin-  If the suture is attached to the skin it can create a dimpled affect

-Tissue tethered-  Tissue tethered and not released can also cause dimpling.  


The solution would depend on which cause is creating the dimple.  It may be challenging to release the skin (dimpled portion) from the undersurface but that may be the answer if it does not resolve by the one year mark.  

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MACS Lift and Irregularity

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   Virtually anything can be corrected.  The pursestring sutures in the MACS can be removed and the tissues freed.  The same scars can be used.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of facelifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

I'm not a fan of adulterated facelifts.

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In an attempt to shorten scars (admirable but overrated), variations on facelifts have been propose, the MACS being one.  Contour irregularities that can be permanent without treatment are possible and are much more conspicuous than facelift scars.

Uneven Surface after facelift

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This is not an uncommon problem seen with face lift procedures ,particularly those using plication sutures

The dimpling usually resolves with time , may take up to 18 mths

If it does not resolve completely ,micro fat injections are usually a good solution 

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Secondary Surgery

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Based on your question and the fact that it’s more than 7 months it appears to me that in your position I would consider having secondary surgery and determine why there is this elevation in the cheek area. The MACS lift has the reputation of being a short scar lift that is able to lift the cheek tissue as well as the neck tissue with a limited approach, however in my experience, I feel that the MACS lift is not the best approach to facial rejuvenation surgery as an alternative to a short scar face lift similar to the one developed by Dr. Baker or variation such as the S lift. Essentially it is important for you to have a actual evaluation by a cosmetic surgeon who has experience with face lifting surgery to guide you as to what to do next.

Amiya Prasad, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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