Uneven Shape, Contour and Symmetry Post Anchor Breastlift and Explant? (photo)

I am 10 weeks post explant and anchor breastlift with no implants , my right breast is perfect , my left breast is boxy , and lacks the bottom fullness of the right breast , it sits lower , and has a shorter lollipop scar than the right breast a &a larger aerola, in your opinion can this be corrected and the left breast repositionerd higher or has too much skin been taken off to correct ? I do not wish to have implants , thank you

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Is It Possible That an Implants Valve Can Leak Saline and then Reseal Itself?

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Unfortunately I must agree with you as to a very poor outcome of your revision surgery. Yes revision without implants can be done but I might want to use enriched fat grafts. Good luck 

Uneven Shape, Contour and Symmetry Post Anchor Breastlift and Explant

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I do see some asymmetry as you describe. But after as complex a procedure as you have had, I would strongly urge waiting until a minimum of six month after surgery before considering a secondary procedure. There was quite a bit of asymmetry in the before photos also. The post-op photo is not straight on, and may overstate (or understate) the amount of asymmetry. If you can attach another photo it would be helpful. 

If this were a one year post op photo, unchanged from 3 months, I don't see any reason why the symmetry could not be improved by a touch up procedure.

Stay in touch with your surgeon. Thank  you for your question, best wishes. Patience.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Revision of breasts and explantation

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Hi...the angle picture makes the evaluation of your case difficult.  However, you need to understand that removing implants and then compressing the remaining breast tissue can be a tricky operation.  The tissue can be different in each breast and time is needed to see the final outcome to make the decision for revision.  Revisional surgery is actually more accurate than the original proceudure that you had since you are now dealing only with the breast tissue and not implants/capsules etc.  Take a year and watch the changes and then discuss with your ps whatever concerns you have and see if any revision would be accepted by both of you.  Your ps will listen to any disappointments and usually respond appropriately with giving you options going forward.

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