Uneven Results After Breast Implants and Lift Normal? (photo)

I am a week out of breast implants and a vertical lift. I recieved 397cc's in each breast under the muscle. As you can see my right breast is clearly more swollen than the other but should it hang lower than ther other? It is also not as full on top of the breast compared to my left. Is all this normal and part of the healing process?

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Give it time

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Your are very early in your course and I expect that you will see lots of changes over the next several weeks so do not despair.   Make sure you see your surgeon regularly.

Breast Augmentation Asymmetry

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Hello FideLity11,

Although you seem to have a unanimous consensus amoung the other doctors regarding waiting, to which I agree, I must say that it is unlikely that your right implant will drop to the degree that the left has already, unfortunately.  You appear to be having what has been called 'early capsular contracture' which of course can't really occur because your body hasn't really formed a significant capsule yet.  People with this problem frequently do develope capsular contracture later on, or just implant malposition without a firm or immobile implant.

There doesn't appear to be bruising, so a collection of blood does not seem to be to blame.  I would ask your surgeon if he thinks that a collection of serous (non-bloody) fluid could be causing this discrepancy and if so, there may be benefit to getting ultrasound guided drainage of that fluid.  If there is fluid, there is a greater chance of capsular contracture later, so better to remove it now.  Ultrasound can make a definitive diagnosis.

Best of luck.

It takes time to really assess the final result

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You are only 1 week out from surgery. Asymmetries this early is very common, especially considering there may have been different things done on the inside of each breast. You need to wait several months to really see if the asymmetries you see now will remain. Even then, your surgeon may tell you to wait a full year. Be patient.

One week post surgery

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It is way too early to assess your results.  You havet o give it a few months not a few days to see how things settle out.

Results after mastopexy and augmentation

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To have some breast asymmetry is normal.  To have some asymmetry after breast surgery one week after the surgery is also normal.  You are very early on in your recovery stage and at this time I would like to reassure you that you seem to be healing well and you need to be patient.  As the swelling subsides and implants settle in, the difference between your breast will settle.  You will NEVER have perfect symmetry and you should not expect perfect symmetry.  What exactly you can expect really depends on what asymmetry you had before surgery, and seeing your pre-surgical pictures would help with that estimate.
At this stage you should follow your surgeon's postoperative protocol and wait for it all to settle down.
Martin Jugenburg, MD

Uneven Results After Breast Implants and Lift Normal?

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It is way too early to assess your result and ultimate symmetry or lack of it. Implants can settle over time, swelling can differ between breasts, many things will change over the coming weeks and months.  Even if necessary, no surgical intervention would be performed to improve your symmetry for some months, so try to be patient and let things take their course.  You may find that the breasts end up much more symmetrical than you are seeing now, and even if they don't, a minor revision might be all that is needed.  Breast augmentation and a significant breast lift performed at the same time is a complex and less predictable undertaking, and a certain percentage of these cases will require some revision down the line, which is why some surgeons perform these as 2 separate procedures anyway.  Again, you may not require any revision as your results change over time.  It is difficult to be patient when you are emotionally invested in your results, but that is the best course.

Breast asymmetry

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You are in the very early stages of healing and the appearance of the breasts now, reflecting swelling, cannot be taken to mean that this will impact the final outcome of the procedure. This can only be determined as the swelling and breast shape settle down over at least the next six months. I suspect that, based on your appearance one week post op, you will have an excellent outcome.

Uneven Results After Breast Implants and Lift Normal?

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From your photos, it appears that the right breast implant is settled into the pockety, but the left side has not fully settled.  This could be for a number of reasons, including swelling, muscle contraction, and even uneven release of the muscle fibers in each pocket.  I agree with the other posts, it is much to early for you to worry.  Follow closely with your surgeon, who can best guide you.  Ask your surgeon if he/she feels that putting a strap over the left breast to assist in streching the pocket and allowing the implant to settle would be helpful.  Without an in person exam, us surgeons in the forum can only help so much!  Good luck!

This is a vwey good job

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You surely have swelling and in the early aspect of healing.  Perfection will not be achieved because it is not possible.  A breast lift and augmentation at the same time is a very difficult surgery, especially when the final size is as large as yours. For this stage you look very good and your breast will settle but it takes time especially with the vertical lift.

Attempting to assess your outcome too soon after surgery will only upset you

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Hi there-

Making assessments of your outcome too soon after surgery will only upset you, and is not fair to your surgeon.

There is no way to know how much of what you are seeing is due to swelling and fluid, and what things will look like after a suitable healing period.

Please, please, please put your support bra back on and stop looking in the mirror. Follow all of your surgeon's instructions carefully and I'm sure things will look better to you after the appropriate time period.

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