Uneven Nostrils Two Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I am two weeks post op from having my revision rhinoplasty and my tip and nostrils are uneven. My surgery was preformed by a world renowned rhinoplasty specialist who assured me he could fix my issues. He keeps informing me that it's just swelling and will get better but I find that hard to believe because my last surgery (performed by a different doctor) my nose looked the same and never got better with time. What should I do? Is my nose unfixable and should I just learn to live with?

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Rhinoplasty and concerns

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Thank you for the photos and some information about your previous surgery. Unfortunately it would have been helpful to see your pre photos.  Most likely you had some nasal asymmetry as well.

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Uneven Nostrils Two Weeks Post Op?

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Thank you for the question and the picture. What you should do is wait. Revision rhinoplasty is a more complex surgery and can take longer for the swelling to subside even after minor revisions. The shape of the nose will continue to change over the next several months. During that time, my advice for you is to follow all the post op instructions and address your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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