Is my Uneven Nostril After Accident Fixable?

I suffered an accident just over a year ago that left my right nostril scarred. After a couple months I started to notice a bit of indentation and it eventually warped my nostril giving it the 'sharp' unnatural look it has now.

It's made me self-conscious and I've decided I want it fixed. Is it possible to remove the dent and give my nostril its original shape?

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Fixing uneven nostril due to trauma

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It is very difficult to fix a scar on the external portion of the nose creating an indention.  Techniques that may fix this include cartilage grafting such as an alar batten graft and an alar rim graft.  Composite grafts can also be performed from the ear to bring the nostril rim downward.  An onlay graft in that area of the nose can also help.  All of these incisions are made inside of the nostril and so nothing will show from the outside.  

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Nostril Scarring after accident

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It may not be possible to achieve the identical look that you had before the accident but grafts may be able to increase the size and improve your breathing if that is affected.

Kristin Egan, MD
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Scar revision nose

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It may be possible to improve the current look but this single view photo does not allow complete assessment. You can never go back to the look or exact shape you had before the injury and no surgery exists that can achieve that goal.

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Aaron Stone, MD
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