What to Do with Uneven Lips After Gullwing Lip Lift?

I had gullwing Lip augmentation year ago. It was done by one of the top doctors. Line of my top lip uneven, one side of the bow higner and not round. Bottom of the lip has very visible scar outside of the lip liner.

Should I go to that same doctor to correct his mistakes? Would he charge me the same amount for his mistakes?

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Revision lip lift

Most docs appreciate the ability to follow their own work, and address persistent patient concerns after a procedure. If your doc is truly one of the top docs, I am sure he or she would want to see you. Doctor shopping rarely helps anyone involved.

As for additional fees, each office has a different policy. Most docs will revise their own work without an additional professional fee, but you might be asked to pay for other elements of care. Procedure room fee, support staff fee like nursing, anesthesia fee if required, etc. That would be a very reasonable question for you to discuss with your primary surgeon.

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