Uneven Lids Make Me Look Googly-eyed, What Are My Options?

My pupils seem to be level but both my upper and lower right eyelids are a millimeter or two lower than my left eyelids. This may or may not sound like much but because of this, there is more white showing underneath my right eye making it appear to be floating compared to my left eye. (Not lazy eye, had it checked) It's most noticable in photos and when I make lengthy eye contact, both of which I try to avoid. It bothers me but no one's mentioned it or have been too polite to.

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Uneven lower lids

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The answer depends on how far out from surgery you actually are currently?  It is not uncommon for patient's to have a mild amount of scleral show (more white under colored portion of the eye) than preoperatively.  This is related to violation of the muscle surrounding the eye during surgery which eventually regains its integrity and strength and this issue resolves.  It is possible to have an assymetry as well between the two eyes during the short term healing process.  If in the long term this issue persists, then a canthoplasty to tighten the lower eyelid could be performed.  But you would want to wait at least 6months prior to considering this option.

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