Uneven jaw. What's the best way to correct it? (photo)

Hello, I have very noticeable uneven jawline. What's the best way to correct it. I am thinking to have botox to creat a v shape face, just have bit less on the side which is bigger. Any suggestion? Thank you!

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Jaw Angle/Jawline Asymmetry

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What your photo shows is jawline asymmetry secondary to differences in the jaw angles. It is important to determine whether the stronger left jaw angle bulge is primarily muscle or flaring of the bone or even some combination of both. That would determine whether Botox injections for muscle size reduction or bony jaw angle reduction would be the best approach. A simple x-ray, like a panorex, will also clearly show if there are differences in the shape of the bony jaw angles. Pictures showing your jaw angles with your teeth relaxed and clenched would also help in the assessment.

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