Uneven Hips After Tummy Tuck and Lipo? (photo)

I'm supposed to quit worrying and learn to love my new shape but I can't! My surgeon says don't worry. These wonderful people on this site say don't worry. I still find my annoying little voice in my head telling me to worry. I'm 17 days post op and I have mixed feeling about the outcome due to the uneven look of my hips. I did have to have a small vertical incision because I didn't "have enough skin and the closure would have been too be tight." Am I likely going to even out?

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Time to judge the final result after liposuction and abdominplasty

Your shape will definitely change over time.  In general you are 50% of the way there at 6 weeks and 80% at 3 months.  Give it 6 months before you start to judge the final result.  

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